Feb 22, 2007

Hold The Phone! I've Got New Links!

Okay, operatic wonder Kathryn Grayson may not actually be, well, grayson Hollywood with her presence anymore - she now devotes her time to teaching voice lessons - but her legend still looms large with the creation of fan tributes on the internet. Case in point: The Zelma Hadrick Uber Shrine (yes, she was a Zelma before she became a Kathryn), run by a rabid fan with a great sense of humor and an obvious devotion to all things Grayson, is a true delight to peruse, with an extensive photo gallery, filmography, and an easy-to-navigate layout. The photos alone are worth the visit, but you'll no doubt find yourself smitten with the site overall. (Kathryn does have her own official website, but ah, those official websites are so...boring. Bring on the massive photo galleries and witty commentary of fan-created tribute sites!)

Another lovely leading lady who is now linked to Hillary's Classic Cinema is Lana Turner, whose fan-created website, Lana Turner Online, is a must for even the most casual and curious of Lana fans. Don't let the simple and inconspicuous site design fool you - LTO is among the most comprehensive of any star's fan sites on the web today, with hundreds of photos and articles scanned and organized into various categories, transcripts from a multitude of interviews with Turner, and even an exhaustive "Lana Encyclopedia" to reference if names and titles on the site need explanation. Here you'll find a wealth of information, including book reviews and a list films Turner declined to make (and really, I can't get over the photo gallery. It's huge). It's evident that creator Liza, featured on the site, has a true passion for Lana's life and career, and luckily, she has crafted a very appealing format with which to share her knowledge and memorabilia. I definitely recommend you swing by!

While stars' official sites are often easy to come by, I always find that those created and maintained by devoted fans are the most comprehensive and interesting, as the webmaster's true interest in their particular favorite star is often evidenced by the meticulous organizing and presentation of information and memorabilia; their genuine passion is parlayed into effective biographies, beautiful photo galleries, and useful sites of reference. If you've found or created an online site or tribute to a classic film star, send it to me, and I'll be happy to provide a link right here from HCC!