Mar 5, 2006

This Week in TV

Turner Classic Movies' ambitious 31 Days of Oscar promotion culminates this evening with coverage of the Academy Awards ceremony, but that doesn't mean the best of classic cinema won't be on the tube nearly every night in March anyway. Some of this week's highlights include:

High Society (1956) The musical version of George Cukor's highly successful The Philadelphia Story replaces Hepburn, Grant, and good ol' Jimmy Stewart with the lovely Grace Kelly, mischievous Bing Crosby, and good ol' Frank Sinatra. Worth a watch, as it's an amusing re-interpretation of the original. 3-5-06, 8:00 am E

The Merry Widow (1934) Maurice Chevalier is an irrepressible ladies' man (seriously, what else can he play?) and Jeannette Macdonald is the object of his affe...lust in this stunning, black-and-white musical. 3-7-06, 5:15 am E

The Philadelphia Story (1940) Funnily enough, TCM airs this after High Society, but it's a delight whenever you happen to catch it. Between drunken Uncle Willie, drunken Katharine Hepburn and drunken Jimmy Stewart - crooning "Sometime Over the Rainbow" in swim trunks and robe, no less - this is one of MGM's finest. Isn't Kate so lovely? 3-7-05, 10:00 pm E

The Band Wagon (1953) Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse pair up to hit the road together in this glorious Technicolor musical. My favorite sequence? Undeniably, Cyd's gorgeous, golden, glittery gown in "There's a New Sun", though you can't help but have some affection for homely Fred by the film's end. Definitely a delight. Happy birthday, Cyd! 3-8-06, 8:00 am E (see TCM's daylong lineup of Cyd's birthday movies on their website!)

DuBarry Was a Lady (1943) Take riotus Red Skelton and the lovely Lucille Ball...add one part Gene Kelly and a dash of Technicolor....squeeze in some juicy plot, a jigger of zany comedy, and a modicum of romance...shake well. What do you get? Well, whatever it is, don't drink it - but do watch this flick. DuBarry is a comedic gem. 3-9-06, 4:oo am E

Pillow Talk (1959) If you don't know this succulent sex comedy by now...what are you doing wasting time on here?! Doris Day and Rock Hudson star, but a drunk Tony Randall and a drunker Thelma Ritter as the world's most useless maid may just outshine them a bit. 3-10-06, 10:00 pm E

Duck Soup (1933) One of the Marx brothers - you tell me which one - becomes dictator of a kingdom and declares war on a neighboring nation. Could you really ask for much more? Leo McCarey directs this, the most classic of all screwball comedies. 3-10-06, 3:30 am E

The Pride of the Yankees (1942) Gary Cooper's underrated performance as ailing baseball star Lou Gehrig is certainly a must-see movie. 3-12-06, 2:00 pm E

12 Angry Men (1957) One of Hillary's personal faves is this small-budget, grippingly-tense drama about a jury of men struggling to determine the fate of a young boy accused of murder. Star Henry Fonda was so intrigued and touched by the film's script, he financed the project himself - yeah, it's that good. 3-12-06, 10:00 pm E

For complete listings for the month of March, visit Turner Classic Movies; additionally, you can use TV-Now's technology to find every film and television appearance your favorite star will be making for the next eight weeks.