Oct 3, 2007


If you consider how much I rhapsodize about the inarguable appeal of some of classic Hollywood's most prominent men - Henry Fonda, Gene Kelly, Cary Grant and the incredibly wooden John Gavin, just to name a few - it may seem curious, in contrast, that I don't print much about my favorite crooners of the era, of which smooth, suave Perry Como is paramount. Pair his particular brand of scintillating singing with the effortless effervescence of one Miss Cyd Charisse (well, she is Mrs. Tony Martin, but you know what I mean) and you have romance a la mode, mes chers. Here, once you bypass the pouty Mickey Rooney and the European sight-seeing tour - this clip was taken directly from 1948's all-star spectacle Words and Music, and includes additional portions of the film immediately pre- and succeeding the musical portion - you'll find the dreaminess only Como, Charisse and an MGM musical can provide. You can start the video at about 1:15 for the musical sequence only.

Now honestly, isn't that just the most heartwarmingly endearing thing you've ever seen?

Video courtesy YouTube user ComoFan123

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