Mar 10, 2006

Divine on DVD

I believe it was Breakfast at Tiffany's that started it. Once I heard the strains of "Moon River" on the Blockbuster rental VHS, I knew that I would have to own that movie, and no less than a restored, remastered DVD version would do. After securing it at Target for a handy $7, my passion for acquiring great films on DVD took off - and I've found the internet to be an extremely useful tool in buying some of the best movies available. Price is an important factor for me, so if it is for you as well, I've compiled some efficient, trustworthy sites that will aid in saving you money and expanding your collection.

Barnes and Noble online booksellers have a well-categorized, easy-to-navigate, reasonably-priced list of great classic films available on DVD. While I do dispute the rankings of most of these movies in AFI's 100 Years, 100 Films, I do appreciate B&N's handy organization of them, making finding and purchasing these classics easier than ever. Check out their 100 Greatest Films page and maybe pick up a little something for yourself. Even better? B&N's outrageously low prices on past Oscar picks prove to make online shopping worthwhile, with beautiful boxsets and gorgeous special editions of your favorite films available.
Dubious of spending $16.98 on a film you're certain you saw at Target for $9.98? That's where DVD Price Search comes in - just enter your film's title, and the online engine will scour all e-merchants who carry that movie, then rank the prices and compare shipping costs. It's no surprise that our friend Deep Discount DVDs is nearly indisputed as the most wallet-friendly place to pick up your favorite movies (be sure to take advantage of the free shipping if you're not in a hurry!).
Finally, don't ever pass up a good bargain hunt on the world's most reliable online auction site, eBay (in the past week alone, I've spent less than $30 total on four of my favorite films on DVD from courteous, efficient eBay sellers). Beyond scrutinizing e-merchants and being aware of payment methods they accept, their return policy, and an accurate description of the item's condition, all you need is a little patience and a few extra minutes a day to keep up with your bidding. I also highly recommend using Paypal as a free, user-friendly, and super-safe way to pay for your purchases online.
My favorite eBay finds? Barefoot in the Park for $3.26, Victor/Victoria for less than $7, and The Godfather Trilogy in perfect condition for $20.00. See what you can come up with!