Jun 3, 2006

Party at My Place

You've lost me, folks. Just in case you ever thought I'd snap back to being a 20-year-old and embrace 2006 like a normal young'n, my discovery of The Greta Garbo Collection on dvd has me awash in sentimentality and a new love for the Swedish Sphinx, not to mention the library card that makes it all possible (and most definitely free).
The local public library I found on Thursday is unquestionably the most dangerous place I have ever been, at least for a cinephile like myself. Though it boasts only one metal rack of dvd's, arranged in a nearly-alphabetical, haphazard manner, every shelf contains some gem whose mere title gets me giddy with excitement. In less than five minutes, I'd snatched Love In the Afternoon, Anna Christie, A Place in the Sun, Christmas in Connecticut (yay for Barbara Stanwyck!), Grand Hotel, A Star Is Born, and Harvey, none of which I've ever seen. Forget Netflix, y'all! I've got a hundred movies lined up to rent for free after this weekend finds me watching the seven I have now!

Party at my place tonight - Jimmy and Liz and Coop and Audrey and Garbo will be there, brilliant and beautiful in black-and-white. And you?