Jul 28, 2006

Quote of the Week

"Oh, we just love Julie! At Christmastime we watch her movies the way you folks watch Christmas ones." - a delightful young British woman professing her country's love for fellow lady Julie Andrews, overheard last week.

I asked my mother to grill a co-worker of hers, a very kind young woman who hails from England, about whether she loves the same British exports that I do...like Julie Andrews, Paul McCartney, Cadbury Eggs, and Courreges go-go boots. Naturally, she loved all of them, but was particularly enamored of Miss Andrews (or Dame Julie, or Mrs. Blake Edwards, or Fraulein Maria, as I'm sure she goes by all) and expressed immense pride and respect for one of my personal favorite film stars. What intrigued me most, though, was the impression that Jules' films are a tradition for Brits as much as It's A Wonderful Life is for the majority of Americans I know. Why don't we institute a national Julie Andrews Day? Seriously, who doesn't love this woman?!