Aug 3, 2006

Very Fonda Fonda

Half Price Books, the only place in the world in which I would voluntarily spend enough to cause my own bankruptcy without a second thought, further tempted my wallet with a 20%-off sale this weekend - and I walked off with three used-but-like-new condition, hardcover biographies of classic movie stars totalling less than $16. Of my fantastic finds, Fonda: My Life proved an incredibly worthy read on a desperately drizzly, freezing Saturday afternoon (we don't have many days like that in southern Arizona). Written like a delicious fiction novel and based on over 200 hours worth of audio-interviews with Henry Fonda himself, Howard Teichmann's hardcover is so juicy and engrossing that I nearly finished it in the better part of a day.
The best part? Hilarious recollections of Hank's life by luminaries and stars like best friend Jimmy Stewart, former girlfriend Lucille Ball, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Fonda's former wives, and his own children, Jane and Peter Fonda. Absolutely fascinating look at the man who became the face of stoic American integrity in movies like 12 Angry Men, The Ox-Bow Incident, and The Grapes of Wrath (Fonda's three favorite of all his films).
Check out the Half-Price Books website to find a U.S. store near you, or click the Fonda link above to order this book off of for much less than its retail price.

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