Feb 19, 2007

Breaking News: I Hate IMDb

In my nearly ten years as a classic film fan, The Internet Movie Database has proven a veritable mecca, reliably rife with quotes, anecdotes, information, and trivia on my favorite films and the stars I love. But its millions of registered users have found its functions rendered inaccessible this week while the entire site undergoes some major aesthetic changes, and I, for one, hate them (the changes, not the users).

Though its official question-and-answer page regarding the site explains that its old layout was "antiquated and, according to the traffic patterns, not as utilitarian as we would have liked", IMDb's new pages seem completely unnavigable, especially to seasoned users who are accustomed to the original layout's exact placement of specific information. A lack of discrepancy between the various fonts that serve as titles, active links, and actual text makes for a confusing read, too.

Luckily, IMDb is incredibly user-friendly and is encouraging feedback on the site overhaul, although that function is currently unavailable in the midst of the site reconstruction. I recommend sharing your thoughts on the new look - especially if you've found this blog while perusing IMDb's numerous message boards - either with IMDb, or by posting your comments below.

In the meantime, though, you can join me in carrying on as though not a thing has changed at my favorite site, and surf as you usually would on Former IMDb (same site, with the layout you love). Down with change!

Update, 2/20: My precious IMDb remains the same as of today! The new changes that were implemented last night are no longer available, and the extra features like message boards are now accessible again. Perhaps I have more influence than I thought...?