Dec 27, 2006

New Year, New Look

In honor of the new year approaching, I've updated the look of Hillary's Classic Cinema to reflect some of the changes my tastes have undergone since I started blogging in early 2006 - namely, Barbara Stanwyck! I discovered her only months ago, but she's become such an integral part of classic movies to me that I can't imagine a movie collection without her (Sugarpuss O'Shea, anyone?). Yes, that's Stany's pretty portrait on the new blog logo above, and the same image has been replicated in the favicon, the tiny graphic beside the blog address in your search bar, which I created expressly for HCC (these images show up best in a Mozilla Firefox browser). Stay tuned for more tweaks and additions to the site in the coming weeks, as I develop more relevant and useful links for you to peruse, create new post categories like Photo of the Week and Movie of the Month, and perhaps even share a bit more about myself and my love for cinema on a separate About Me page (admit it - you really want to hear about my hopeless crush on Henry Fonda, don't you!). I hope both the reinvented layout and my wildly enthusiastic posts keep you coming back to discover more and to share your thoughts, comments, and suggestions.

Aside from Miss Stanwyck, though, there are countless other screen stars I grew up unaware of, whose film legacies I now treasure: June Allyson, Henry Fonda, and Margaret O'Brien are just three of the legendary faces of the 1930's, 40's and 50's that I count among my very favorites. By screening new genres of film and remaining relatively unbiased in my viewing (my inexplicable distaste for Fred MacMurray, for instance, remains a stumbling block in expanding my film list), I've discovered many incredible movies, directors, and stars that I could never have forseen adoring.

What film or actor that you now count among your favorites, did you discover or rediscover in 2006? Post below!