Oct 16, 2006

A Study in Studiousness

I just wanted to apologoize to everyone who visits the site, be you a regular poster or just sailing in out of curiosity, for my lack of new posts in recent months. A study in studiousness - truly, that's what I've been these past eight weeks. School is hectic as ever, and when added to juggling two jobs and a social life, my schedule is beyond consuming, leaving precious little time to indulge in my favorite classic movies (and even less time to devote to writing up posts that I feel are up-to-par). I haven't given up squeezing in an occasional late-night gem on TCM though - a.m. classes be damned!

Not until this week have I felt that I've finally rearranged my prioritites and obligations enough to allow for more time viewing, researching and writing about classic film. Having said that, I hope you do return here often to share your thoughts, comment on my posts, and send me suggestions and questions! I truly enjoy feedback and appreciate you taking the time to not only visit my page, but to contact me. Thanks again and enjoy - Hillary