Aug 3, 2006

Summer Under the Stars

Where have I been all this summer? Certainly not under the stars, that's for sure - and most definitely not lounging vigilantly in front of Turner Classic Movies. Keep on your toes, though, because TCM is bringing us their Summer Under the Stars all throughout August. Cary Grant, Hedy Lamarr, Jimmy Stewart, and Jane Powell are just a few of the glorious stars whose films are played in blocks, with an evening for each star's mini-marathon - so peruse TCM's schedule to find your favorite upcoming movies, or visit TVNow to search for your favorite stars' lineup.

Don't miss the August 4th Gregory Peck marathon, featuring such greats as To Kill A Mockingbird, How The West Was Won, and Cape Fear!

Update: I've compiled a pretty comprehensive listing of the stars featured in August (I've boldened the weekend dates to help you see, at a glance, what their schedule will mean for your schedule). Remember, each gets an entire day of programming devoted to showcasing a variety of his or her best films - so don't miss out!

John Garfield - 8/10
Katharine Hepburn - 8/11
Rock Hudson - 8/12
Walter Matthau - 8/13
Lana Turner - 8/14
Richard Dix - 8/15
Joseph Cotten - 8/16
Carole Lombard - 8/17
Bela Lugosi - 8/18
Audrey Hepburn - 8/19
Lee Marvin - 8/20

David Niven - 8/21
Rita Hayworth - 8/22
Van Johnson - 8/23
Ann Sothern - 8/24
James Stewart - 8/25
Cary Grant - 8/26
John Wayne - 8/27
Hedy Lamarr - 8/28
Ingrid Bergman - 8/29
Sidney Poitier - 8/30
Barbara Stanwyck - 8/31

All this means, essentially, is that though I'm registered to begin classes in about two weeks, they won't be seeing anything of me until at least September first. I mean seriously, a Barbara Stanwyck day! They expect to see me on Barbara Stanwyck day?!