Mar 13, 2006

Yar, it's the Voice of Doom

In George Cukor's delightful The Philadelphia Story, mischievous reporter Macaulay Connor (Jimmy Stewart) pranks the woman whose house he is visiting by calling her from the maids' chambers and telling her her "days are numbered". Who does he say is calling?
Update: Macaulay replies, "This is the voice of doom calling" when Mrs. Lord asks. Congratulations to Amelia Lucia for being the first poster AND the first to get it right!

Bonus Triva Question: What word do both Tracy (Katharine Hepburn) and Dexter (Cary Grant) use to describe the oceanic vessel upon which they had their honeymoon?

Update: They use the word "yare," as in, "Ah, she was yare, wasn't she?" "She certainly was yare."

Congratulations to my dear friend and fellow classic movie maven Amelia Lucia for getting both answers unquestionably correct. Let's hope this week's trivia question gives everyone more of a challenge!

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