Feb 2, 2008

A Passion for Page-Turners

A co-worker of mine, visibly concerned with the number of books I consume during a routine work week, recently asked me how I managed to own so much literature, especially since I am rather vocal about our salary's ability to cover my movies/chocolate/champagne expenses. Was I stealing from the library, she asked? Or just attending a lot of garage sales?

Neither, of course, although I have managed to pay obscenely small amounts for the spines that sit proudly alphabetized in my bookshelf. And while I can't argue that movies themselves are the essential component of any classic film fan's media intake, the bevy of books on the subject - from autobiographies to photographic retrospectives to trivia and film guides - is an invaluable supplement to any classic movie diet. So where will film fans fare favorably when searching to expand their hardcover collection? Read on for details!

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