Feb 18, 2008

Really, Mis-ta Awlnut

Perhaps I didn't quite capture the essence of Katharine Hepburn's clench-jawed accent with the title of this post, but were I in the presence of the dilapidated old African Queen from the film of the same name, I'm sure I could dredge up more of an authentically eccentric impression of the saucy star. And Queen is more than accessible: the newly-repaired steamboat, one of several used in the 1951 film, is docked at the Holiday Inn Marina in Key Largo, Florida. And yes, you can take a cruise in her - leeches optional. How hot is that?!

The African Queen is located at Mile Marker 100, Key Largo, FL. You can find out more information by calling (305) 451-4655 or visiting The Holiday Inn Key Largo website

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