Feb 26, 2006

Ladies and gents, start your Tivo's!

Turner Classic Movies continues their 31 Days of Oscar promotion through March 5, so be sure to check out their schedule for some great flicks you've been meaning to see. May I recommend:

Lover Come Back (1961) - Sandwiched sweetly between Pillow Talk and Send Me No Flowers, this is the second of the Doris Day/Rock Hudson sex comedies. It features edible alcohol in a sweet candy form...and we all know what a fab drunk Tony Randall makes. 3/1/06, 3:30 PM E

The Lost Weekend (1941) - The great Billy Wilder directs Ray Miland in this sobering, Acadamy-Award winning drama about the realities of alcoholism and its affects on relationships. Think Days of Wine and Roses nearly two decades before Blake Edwards showed his own skill at the serious stuff. 3/2/06, 8:00 PM E

The Sting (1973) - This box-office smash about the ultimate heist is set in 1930's Chicago, features that song "The Entertainer" that you know but aren't sure how you know it, and stars Paul Newman and Robert Redford, reaffirming their titles as the inimitable best onscreen team ever. What more do you need? This movie is fantastic - and hey, maybe Kelly will finally figure out who Paul Newman is. 3/4/06, 11:00 PM E

Check back every Sunday afternoon for more great classic film recommendations for the week ahead, or visit Turner Classic Movies to personalize your viewing schedule.

The Fonda Fam

Friday's Trivia Question: Each of the three related people in this photograph are famous in their own right, and to varying degrees of fame. I'll give you a hint as to their better-known onscreen aliases: from left to right, think passenger, migrant worker, and gunslinger.
Who are they?

Update: You're looking at:

Henry Fonda, known for his role as migrant farmer Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath, with kids Peter Fonda (of Easy Rider fame)
and Jane Fonda (who becomes a sharpshooter in 1965's Cat Ballou).
source: The Screen Legend Henry Fonda Site

Congratulations to
Joan for being the first to post the correct answer!

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