May 5, 2006

Figs on a Hot Tin...Serving Tray

I discovered these delectable cookies while meandering around the grocery store, searching for delicious carbs, and it reaffirmed all that is wonderful about Paul Newman:

I adore this man.

Update - Several readers have e-mailed me asking why I featured this photo, so I'll enlighten all who are unaware of this man's admirable contributions to the world. Paul Newman, one of my fave actors and reigning handsome man, is founder and overseer of an extremely profitable food production company called Newman's Own. Years ago, he began giving his homemade salad dressing to friends as gifts upon their request, but he soon realized the charitable potential of his endeavors and transformed his penchant into a trade, marketing popular food items like lemonade, candy, and these Fig Newtons (um, Newmans), giving well-established brands a run for their money. His advantage? Newman donates 100% of his after-taxes profits to charities benefitting education and children's welfare, as well as funding and running his own Hole in the Wall camps for seriously ill children and their families.

If you don't love Pauly already, then watch the slideshow of his company's history on his website and prepare to fall head-over-heels. And don't forget to look for Newman's wife Joanne Woodward as "the neighbors turned ugly!"