Apr 30, 2006

Masterpieces in May

For those of you whose penchant for procrastination prevents you from frequenting your local Blockbuster or library (my combined late fees are feared to be roughly the same figure as my current year's tuition), fret not - Turner Classic Movies will seem like a gift from heaven during the month of May. The best channel on basic cable kicks things off with a block of great dramas tomorrow evening, and proceeds to air some of the best movies ever made right up until Memorial Day weekend, when it screens great classic war-themed films like The Longest Day and They Were Expendable.
I've highlighted some can't-miss films for both the film buff and the interested blog visitor alike, but to view their complete summer schedule, visit their website.
During this week alone, you can catch:

Casablanca, (1942) the Bogey-Bergman classic, 5/1, 8:00 PM E
Citizen Kane (1967) 5/2, 12 AM E
The Philadelphia Story (1940) 5/2, 8 AM E
Double Indemnity (1944) 5/2, 12 PM E
Sunset Boulevard (1950) 5/2, 2 PM E
Gilda (1946) 5/6, 8 PM E

...as well as dozens of the best films of Bette Davis, some of director Elia Kazan's lesser-known and more controversial work, and a few groundbreaking films like Birth of A Nation (1915) and The Jazz Singer (1927).