Apr 18, 2006

Old Mother Hill

I guess at 20 I'd prefer not to be referred to as "Old" anything, but like the Mother Goose rhyme of old, I do indeed have a very bare cupboard - except I know exactly why my lack of "vittles" came about. I have this little thing, a disorder, really, that doesn't allow me to pass up inexpensive versions of my favorite classic films on DVD, no matter how bleak my financial outlook may be. I can talk myself out of Cadbury Eggs, economy-size packages of Oreos, and even a beautiful pair of vintage-inspired patent-leather slingbacks, but show me Three Faces of Eve for $7.50 and I am rabid. So, here's a rundown of my most recent acquisitions - and yes, I will let you borrow them sometime:

Barefoot in the Park - $3.26
How the West Was Won, Special Edition Widescreen - $3.72
To Catch A Thief, Special Edition - $4.98
Swing Time, the best Astaire-Rogers collaboration ever - $9.98

I figure I should keep everyone updated on my movie-buying ventures - just in case you ever stop by and discover I'm living on cheap-champagne Mimosas and popcorn, you'll understand why.

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