Apr 4, 2006

An Ardor for Autobiographies

I'll admit it: since our valleywide drought of nearly six months was washed away in March, gray-sky weekends have become more prevalent - and I don't need any more encouragement to delve into reading than a sunless afternoon. Not skimming-textbook-reading, but total, engrossing reading, just the way I relished it before all of this wonderful, adult responsibility became mine (not that I assume
most of it). And since that same day that I braved surface street floodwater to peruse the bookshelves at my favorite bargain bookseller, Half Price Books, I have soared through three autobiographies on three separate, drizzly days, each book as poignant, as informative, and as humorous as the next (and one, a bit more scintillating than I'd hoped.)

Thing is, now I'm hooked. I'm set for the next few days, but once I polish off my current read, I hope to have another at the ready. Have you read any lengthy books on the personal life or philosophy of your favorite actor? What are some great cinema- or celebrity-related biographies or autobiogs you've read?

Update, 04/05: I snagged Lauren Bacall's By Myself at the campus booksale today for a cool $1. If its gorgeous black-and-white pictures and incredibly candid and engaging style of writing are any indication of how good this book is, I will let you know how much I loved it - tomorrow. Still, recommend me some more! I've got a knack for bargains and a voracious appetite for all these Hollywood stories and scandals!