Apr 3, 2006

Paul, do you hate me?

From what classic movie is this quote taken?

"'Did you know that in Harry's Bar last New Year's Eve I punched an old woman? Don't tell me about drunk!'"
Update: Truer words were never spoken than those above, attributed to Robert Redford's character in 1967's Barefoot in the Park. Ol' Red plays a young newlywed lawyer in this light romantic comedy that's a bit yellowed with age, but everything - the quick, acerbic dialogue, the dazzling Mancini-esque score by Neal Hefti, Jane Fonda at her loveliest, and the fab supporting actors Mildred Natwick and Charles Boyer - combines to make this still infinitely better than the drivel they crank out these days. And seriously, there are few onscreen couples who are as totally attractive as Jane and Bobby...see it if you haven't!

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