Mar 21, 2006

Games That Lovers Play

Actress Debbie Reynolds and crooner Eddie Fisher were married in typical celebrity style in September of 1955; daughter Carrie Fisher - yep, Princess Leia - came along in late '56. What famous movie-related mogul did Eddie and Debbie name their newborn son for in 1958?

Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher, and then-wife Debbie Reynolds

Update: Todd Emmanuel Fisher was named for his father's best friend, innovator and producer Mike Todd. Todd is best-known for co-creating the revolutionary method of wide-angle cinematography which, too, was named for him, Todd-AO. Todd, married to superstar Elizabeth Taylor in February of 1957 (her third husband in less than seven years), was killed in a plane crash the following March - ironically, on this date, the 22nd - in a private plane called The Lucky Liz. Todd Fisher was less than a month old at the time of his namesake's death.

Eddie Fisher
, meanwhile, was apparently a bit too good at consoling his late best friend's lovely widow - he filed for divorce from darling wife Debbie after the public got wind of the lurid affair he was having with Miss Taylor, and proceeded to marry the widowed Elizabeth in May of 1959; their marriage lasted less than five years. I'm not certain what Taylor or Fisher have to say, if anything, about their scandalous behavior, but then again, I'm not sure I care. Reynolds and Taylor have worked together since then, supposedly on friendly terms - but I recommend reading Debbie Reynolds' autobiography for the most heartbreaking aspect of the whole messy love affair.

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