Mar 17, 2006

"You run...and you keep on runnin'"

Identify the movie from which this quote was taken:

"'I'd give something to know what goes on in my brother's temperature dreams. I know what goes on in mine. '"

Update: The Martin Ritt-directed drama The Long, Hot Summer (1958) is the source of this quote (Clara Varner's friend Agnes says it). In a terrible upset, movie master Tillerman has once again swept the boards, devastating all the young Paul Newman lovers (and I know you're out there) who would've loved the chance to show off their cinema smarts. Newman and now-wife Joanne Woodward, one of Hollywood's most enduring star couples, married shortly after this film was completed, and remain happily so today.

Okay, I've got another Long, Hot Summer trivia question. When Ben and Clara (Newman and Woodward) are alone in Varner's General Store for the first time, Ben tries to impress her with his salesmanship, and Clara eventually asks for an aspirin. Ben tells her he doesn't have headaches; what does Clara say he also lacks?

Update: Tillerman's done it again. Ben Quick tells Clara he doesn't "have headaches," to which she adds: "Or scruples." Congrats for the third time for answering correctly, Tillerman!