Mar 24, 2006

My hobby is stuffing things. You know - taxidermy.

In Alfred Hitchcock's classic "Psycho", how much money does Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) embezzle from the realty office she works at?
Update: The mendacious Miss Marion Crane pilfers a cool $40,000 from her place of employment and makes a run for it.

Who else loves this movie as much as I do? Hitchcock, Janet Leigh, Tony Perkins, Robert Bloch, Bernard Hermann's incredible score and of course, the man who seems to have starred in every single movie ever made, Martin Balsam. And oooh, how did I forget John Gavin? (Such a terrible actor, such an attractive man...what a shame.) Between the inventive cinematography, the supercharged tension simmering just beneath the film's surface, and the horrific truths about Norman and his mother, Psycho is nearly as perfect as a Hitchock movie can get.

What is your favorite scene from Psycho?