Mar 30, 2006

Aw shucks

All right, you guys - I give up. In the past week or so I've posted three trivia questions which were all answered correctly by our users here, and as exasperating as that was - your collective, extensive film knowledge deflates my ego so - even more frustrating was the fact that Blogger was not allowing me to edit my posts, giving me no means of publishing users' correct answers. Today, however, we'll give you your due credit and see if finally, finally, I can stump you.

Previous Questions, Answers and Winners:

"When I marry, it's gonna be somebody I've never seen before. I mean I won't know what he looks like or where he'll come from of what he'll be. I want him to sort of - take me by surprise." - Quoted from Barbara Stanwyck's character in The Lady Eve, 1941. Congratulations to veteran answerman Tillerman!

When Singin' in the Rain's Don Lockwood decides to make The Dueling Cavalier into a musical, he grabs the calendar off the wall and declares it his lucky day. Being after midnight, though, Cosmo points out that it's a new calendar date. What two days are in question?
Don's lucky day is March the 23rd, and Cosmo corrects him with the "'24th. Sure! It's 1:30 already - it's practically mornin'!'" Thanks for the correct post, Ky!

And finally, that androgynous mug I posted earlier this week does indeed belong to Katharine Hepburn. I loves me some Kate on the big screen, but I was not hip to that man's 'do, regardless of what part it was for. And yes, her biography is just rife with quotes and anecdotes that paint a perfect picture of what a unique, eccentric, almost radical person she really was, dressing exclusively in slacks to the point that MGM's wardrobe department began stealing the pants and jeans from her dressing room in hopes of weaning her off of menswear. This didn't cause her to resort to skirts, though - she just walked around in her underthings until all of her clothing was returned.