Apr 7, 2006

To O-o-prah, With Lo-oo-ooove

Last night while channel-surfing and evading homework, I came across a special 20th Anniversary episode of Oprah in which she recounted all the highs and lows of her show, its guests, and her life. It was reasonably boring until she began to talk of the time she interviewed the inimitable Sidney Poitier, a personal hero of hers, and was subsequently so disappointed in the way she had handled her live encounter with him that she was wracked with depression, anxiety, and a fear that she had made a terrible impression upon the famed actor. Oprah was in the midst of describing her overwhelming feelings of incompetence to the audience when suddenly, they began to go wild - a confused Oprah turned around for the shock of her life. Poitier made a surprise guest appearance, entering onstage from behind Oprah and, after calming her down, began reading aloud from a letter he had written about her charitable efforts and the contribution she has made to the media world (and for the record, said letter did not begin with the words "To Sir, With Love").

All I have to say is this: Oh, Sidney, you've done it again. I didn't cry this hard at the end of Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?.

You can read more here.

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