Apr 9, 2006

Steals and Deals

Yes, I am a broke college student. Does that cross my mind, though, when I'm confronted with the Discount DVD display at Super Wal-Mart? Actually, little else crosses my mind besides the plethora of titles and shiny keepcases and low, low prices before me, and how distinguished they would look alphabetized by genre on a shelf in my apartment. This weekend's big steals:

, Special Edition - with extra features hosted by Lauren Bacall, $3.72
The Maltese Falcon, $3.72
The Philadelphia Story, $5.00
The Way We Were, Special Edition $7.50
4 Excellent Movies (give or take Le Falcon one) = $19.94

Of course, I shouldn't have splurged on these, and I'll probably regret it when I've got a stomach as empty as my wallet...but $3.72? I can't even get a sub sandwich for that kinda dough! Oh well...I will survive on Cadbury eggs and Robert Redford movies until I've got a little more green to go on, at which point, I'll let you know what new movies I spent it on. It just never ends.