Apr 18, 2006

Ava and the Mickster

This classic cinema actress was married three times in less than ten years, to none other than an actor, a bandleader, and a man who combined both his film and music talent to become a famous crooner and a big screen star. None of her marriages lasted more than a five years; in fact, two of them ended after little more than a year each. Who is the actress, and who were her husbands?

Update: Yay to Amelia Lucia for being the first poster and the first correct answer. Ava Gardner did indeed have three marriages: to pint-size Mickey Rooney when she was just 19 (it lasted roughly 14 months), to bandleader Artie Shaw (they parted eight days after their first anniversary), and finally to Frank Sinatra, whome she wed after a tiring and tumultuous courtship in 1951. Here's Miss Mogambo and Andy Hardy on their honeymoon, 1942 - and I feel it's worth noting that Mickey was propped up on a crate in this photo to erase the four-inch height difference he and Ava shared:

You guys gotta stop being so frighteningly good at these trivia questions.

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