May 5, 2006

Les Questions

It has certainly been a question-fueled week. Aside from a dizzying array of questions on the multitude of exams I've taken this week, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of e-mail I've received about the site, and I'm glad people are accepting my invitation to post a comment, send me an IM, or write me a message with their questions and suggestions about the blog. I thought I'd address a few of the more frequently-occuring q's in hopes of encouraging and inciting even more discussion and interaction among those who stop by the site:

Q: I found your website in a Google search - is it a private blog? - Jeannie

A: Absolutely not! I started posting articles on the site as I became more and more interested in classic cinema, and found very few receptive outlets to discuss such things in my general vicinity (and in my age group, at least in this area). A huge college campus is hardly the ideal place to chat about the best Debbie Reynolds film or ooze about Bogie and Lauren's love affair, and while I'm away at school - as are those of my friends who love the old flicks as much as I do - my indulging in movies takes a backseat to more pressing obligations and responsibilities, unfortunately. But I truly love classic film, and I appreciate the opportunity to meet others who are as enthusiastic about the medium and pasttime as I am.

Q: i tried to do a comment but it asks for a name and i don't have a blogger name
A: Well...that could almost pass for a question. You don't have to be registered with any service OR have your own blog/journal/website in order to post a comment on an 'article' in my blog. Simply click on the 'Comments' link at the end of any post and fill in the appropriate boxes in the window that pops up; click 'Submit' to post your comment. I sift through them every few days, so any movie recommendations, opinions, or questions are much appreciated and will be addressed.

Q: You should talk about The Thin Man! I can't believe you don't have a review of it. It's certainly a classic film. - Tim
A: I've never seen The Thin Man, m'dear. William Powell is enchanting in Mister Roberts, but that's the only of his films I've seen. The Thin Man is on TCM May 17th, so expect a post on Nick and Nora soon after!