May 13, 2006

Are You Tired? Rundown? Listless?

Between final exams on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and packing my life's possessions up to cart them out of the ol' apartment Thursday and Friday (a thankless and exhausting task, even in such a small apartment), I've had nary a chance to log in and post in almost a week....but I haven't given up on watching movies! The T.V. was the last thing to be bid farewell and hauled into storage yesterday, so I got my fill of Katie Hep flicks during TCM's morning birthday tribute to the grand dame (never watch Dragonseed. Seriously). In this week alone, I've been delighted to see:

Baby Face, 1933 - Barbara Stanwyck and George Brent; it's a rare and scandalous pre-code movie that's coming to DVD this year. I'm excited.

Chained, 1934 - Joan Crawford and Clark Gable

Jezebel 1938 - Bette Davis, Hank Fonda, George Brent, and an amazing Max Steiner score. Lady Jane was born during the shooting for this film!

The Mad Miss Manton, 1937 - Stany & Hank Fonda...what a pair.

That Certain Woman, 1937 - Davis & One-Take Fonda team up again

The Seven-Year Itch, 1955 - Tommy Ewell and Marilyn Monroe

The Wedding Night, 1935 - Gary Cooper and not-so-star-y Anna Sten

Titanic, 1953 - Stany is back and better than ever opposite Clifton Webb, and honestly, this movie was better than I thought.

...and the week's not over yet. I've got an entire listless week at my disposal to sunbathe, procrastinate, and lie by the pool sunbathing and procrastinating, but I'll be sure to use my downtime to watch as much TCM as possible. Hit up their website to see if anything watchworthy is on this week, and let me know if you caught any of the flicks I've listed here.

And yes, all this moving by myself into the big, wide city makes me feel a little like Ann Marie, in case you were wondering about the fabulous picture posted here. I'll pass on the Don Hollinger though.